TTA’s Week: Janus-faced telemedicine as seen in hospitals and in long-term care

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article Bayer’s G4A accelerator awards arrangements by KinAptic, Agamon, Cyclica (DE) (A truly global accelerator program)
Telehealth & Telecare Aware: masking the news on latest developments in telecare, telehealth, telemedicine and health tech, worldwide–thoughtfully and by the view of fellow professionals
The Topol Review’s connection to reality explored by Roy Lilley. Robotics impacts in therapy for kids with autism and CP. The end ’s even more in the back of telehealth–however there are caveats. Plus Editor Charles is back with a UK digital health roundup.
From our archives: a long buried advert (RIP Bruno Ganz) (Editors Steve and Donna salute a fine actor and fine movie–remembered, humorously)

The telehealth entrepreneur along with the $5 million fraud = 15 years in prison. Scotland’s Present Health wins FDA clearance, Latin America telemedicine’s unsure condition, women in eHealth, and research on electronic health in health systems.
The telehealth’entrepreneur’ whose $5 million financing purchased remains at the Ritz and portfolios at Bottega Veneta (And 15 years at the Federal pen. Tell your mum or uncle to Be Careful of great stories)
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58: Together using HBO and ABC, let the mythmaking and psychiatric profiling begin! (upgraded ) (A deluge of Theranos Analysis)
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Revved up HIMSS and the millennial/Gen Z health care mindset. It’s wall-to-wall Theranos for the upcoming few weeks. And then now also we bid farewell to a nice (in case over-parodied) actor with our movie advert.
Robots’ largely favorable, somewhat equivocal part in therapy for children with disabilities and cerebral palsy (HIMSS)
Suddenly sexy: chronic disease administration in telehealth initiatives at University of Virginia and Doctor on demand (We’ve been here earlier )
About time: digital health develops a set of ethical guidelines (But the way to put it in action past the nice meetings and draft principles)
Hackermania’larger than government ‘–and 25 percent of health care organizations report mobile breaches (We need to be doing better by now)
Suddenly hot, redux: mental health telemedicine in long term care, analytics to help forecast rehospitalizations in skilled nursing centers (A traditional provider adds telemedicine, three brand new SNF tech companies avoiding rehospitalizations)
Roy Lilley’s tart-to-the-max view of The Topol Review about the digital future of the NHS (This week’s Must Read)
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Events, dear friends: MedTech London, Aging 2.0 Philadelphia, speakers wanted for Connected Health Summit (More for your calendar from late winter into late summer)
The end may be even stronger in the Rear of telehealth this past year –although not without a bit of chill (VA, Virginia as indicators–and the hurdles when you arrive )
Our guide this week is that the sale of Tunstall’s US operation. Unicorns will need to hype less and publish research more. The King’s Fund’s events from March and May, Bayer’s accelerator winners, also also information from Apple to teledermatology for São’s spotted!
They came for the facsimile machines….now NHS is coming to the pagers (Pretty soon it will function as stethoscopesthe furniture…)
News roundup: Virginia comprises RPM in telehealth, Chichester Careline affects, Sensyne AI allies with Oxford, Tunstall spouses in Scotland, teledermatology in São Paolo
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The King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Conference announces Matt Hancock as Day 2 keynoter (He’s anywhere!)
News roundup: Current Health’s Class II, Healthware Italy’s 10 million boost, the low condition of Latin America telemedicine, weekend studying on digital health in health systems
A government study on tech to enable aging freedom that really may be useful. Meanwhile, the FBI is warning that Hackermania is running wild over health care. And that songs you have on to focus may do exactly the contrary.
A telemedicine’robot’ produces end of lifestyle information to patient: Is there a moral difficulty, Kaiser Permanente? (An insensitive use of good tech gets bad media for both)
Digital wellbeing versus eHealth:’here we go again’ together with all the confusion and the differences. Plus Women in eHealth (JISfTeH) (Reviving the terminology discussion)
And scroll underneath for news of this King’s Fund’s Digital Health and Care Congress, including Matt Hancock as keynote speaker on day two. Plus 10% off enrollment for our Clients!
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Chronic condition telehealth monitoring is hot–back again. When will electronic health integrity be more than talk-talk? No more faxes, no more pagers from the NHS. Surprise! Consumer behaviour should drive health technology. Plus late spring occasions + Connected Health Summit discussing opportunities.
Telemedicine Has Two Faces: the good in expanding mental wellness and preventing rehospitalizations in longterm care–along with the very bad in providing end-of-life information to an older individual.
Smartphone-based ECG urged for EDs to display for heart rhythm problems: UK study (Give the sufferers mobile ECG screens to take home)
News roundup: of trademarks and HIMSS roundups, Rock Health’s Digital Health Consumer Adoption poll, and also the millennial/Gen Z walkaway from primary care (Not trad, dad)
Listening to audio impairs verbal imagination: UK/Sweden university research (Those headphones Aren’t helpful should you’re looking to think)
Where is the proof? Healthcare unicorns deficiency the evidence and authenticity of peer reviewed studies. (Unicorns need to add substance to the sparkle)
A Choice of short digital health items of potential interest (Editor Charles is back together with views on AI and occasions )
A short but canny look in customer behaviour for a catalyst of health technology (Design that fits into existence –what a notion!)
A useful White House analysis published:’Emerging Technologies to Support the Aging Population’ (Big topics and technology approaches without the fluff)
Just declared –Secretary Matt Hancock keynoting Day 2. Meet leading NHS and healthcare professionals and understand how data and technology may enhance the wellbeing and well-being of individuals plus the high standard and efficacy of the services they utilize.  Our Readers are entitled to a 10% discount using the connection in the here or advertisement, plus the code Telehealth_10.

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