TTA’s Summer Kickoff Week: Teladoc under correction, Epic adds Tyto Care, Bayer G4A and Propel@YH accelerate, summer school in Florence, DHACA Day in London


Leading up to the official start of summer (both US and UK), Teladoc gets ‘corrected’, Epic adds Tyto Care to patient portal, Bayer’s G4A and Yorkshire & Humber accelerate, GSK awards. Digital health goes to summer school in Florence 24-27 June, but you’ll be back for DHACA Day in London 9 July.

Global news roundup: Italy’s digital health summer school, GSK Impact Awards, Propel@YH for Yorkshire & Humber digital health, Aging 2.0 engages seniors
Bayer 2019 G4A Partnerships now open for applications through 31 May (An accelerator with international impact–apply quickly!)
Tyto Care telehealth integrates with Epic EHR MyChart patient app (A digital exam integrates with the big, bad EHR)
Breaking News–Teladoc: while accredited by NCQA, placed on ‘under corrective action’ status (updated) (Not good short term, but this 9,000 lb elephant is not going anywhere)
Next DHACA Day 9th July, London – seeking new members (psst–it’s free) (Get help to develop your UK digital health products and services)

TTA’s Week: AliveCor’s ECG cleared, Harris acquires Uniphy, CVS and Aetna’s days in court, Jawbone’s resurrection, events, funding and more!

News, events roundup: FDA clears AliveCor’s first 6 lead ECG, Jawbone Health rises from ashes, Let’s Get Checked’s $30M check, Health Wildcatters’ $35M ‘how to’ breakfast
CVS-Aetna hearing starts June 4; now only 6 witnesses called, for and against (updated) (The drama continues for the 9th month)
Harris Healthcare acquires in-hospital workflow tech pioneer Uniphy Health (A NJ innovation success bringing better communications to hospitals)
Events, dear friends, events in London from painting to leadership (From Arts in Health to HealthChats and The King’s Fund in summer)

Psychiatry goes ‘hybrid’, health tech gets NICE, events both coming up and future, and in long-running shows, CVS-Aetna and Theranos keep packing them in.

Telepsychiatry improves time to care plus frequency of care for behavioral health patients: study (Now it’s hybrid psychiatry)
CVS-Aetna hearing now June; 12 witnesses called, for and against (Another long-running DC show in its ninth month)
It’s NICE to HealthTech Connect with the NHS (A health tech matchmaking service)
The Theranos Story, ch. 60: becoming a Cautionary Tale of Silicon Valley Ethics (Will SV change its ways? Not likely.)
Events coming up soon–and in the autumn: Hunter College 13 May, Aging 2.0 London 21 May; NYeC’s November Gala, Connected Health Summit (16-18 Oct) poster call

International digital health news from India, Finland, Hong Kong, and even the US leads our roundup, from Verily, Oxford VR, Blackberry, Blue Cedar, and more. 

International news roundup: Verily ‘eyes’ India, Oxford VR trials in Hong Kong, Israel-Finland collaborate, Blue Cedar-Blackberry partner, NuvoAir inhales $3M

It’s really Spring this week. Theranos lives again, courtesy of the Patent Office, while reliving its demise is postponed in court. Machine learning is starting to shine on radiology. New event at RSM and a major EU prize. But it feels like autumn for Athenahealth, Watson Health, and Waystar.

Comings and goings: Cuts hit Athenahealth, IBM Watson’s Drug Discovery unit; Bain may sell Waystar RCM (Mostly goings)
The Theranos Story, ch. 59: there’s life left in the corporate corpse–patents! And no trial date in sight. (A kind of resurrection, courtesy of the USPTO)
AI and machine learning ‘will transform clinical imaging practice over the next decade’ (Radiology catching up)
Digital Technologies for Disease Prevention and Promotion of Wellbeing – RSM, London, 10th June 2019 (A don’t miss event)
Win the Trillium II prize and get €1,000! (For publicizing and deploying the International Patient Summary)

Spring Fever continues as we hop like a bunny to Easter and Passover. This week has a distinctly international focus, with Babylon Health and Merck in Africa, a digital health funding competition in Helsinki, and Israel’s Tyto Care DTC-ing with Best Buy. We take a critical look at China’s massive data reaping through private healthcare companies for AI diagnostics, with little regard to patient consent or privacy. Closer to home, there’s ATA, Spry Health’s wearable for COPD, and NHSX’s establishment.

International news roundup: ATA dispatches, compete for funding in Helsinki, Spry FDA-cleared for COPD, Merck acquires ConnectMed Kenya 
Babylon Health’s expansion plans in Asia-Pacific, Africa spotlighted (We extract the highlights including the new NHSX for good measure)
Tyto Care inks deal with Best Buy for retail sales of remote diagnostic device (Tyto finally moves into DTC with a retailer apparently set on digital health)
China’s getting set to be the healthcare AI leader–on the backs of sick, rural citizens’ data privacy (Damn ethics and privacy rights, full speed ahead!)


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