TTA’s Midsummer Week 2 roundup: Rock Health’s digital funding bubbles with IPOs, CVS-Aetna’s merger hearings slump to an exhausted close



Rock Health assesses the first half 2019 funding picture and is reassured at the pressure that investors have to exit–but we see other and more cautionary things. And the hearings on the CVS-Aetna merger slump towards an exhausting close in Judge Leon’s court.

Health tech bubble watch: Rock Health’s mid-2019 funding assessment amid Big IPOs (Why the funding picture is far more interesting than Rock Health thinks)
The CVS-Aetna merger hearing draws to a dreary, weary close (But when?)

A just-published UK survey of the care tech landscape has implications in the worldwide trend of community-based wellness and disease prevention. CVS-Aetna goes another round in Judge Leon’s court, this time with five states; he should Ask Alexa as NHS patients in the UK shortly will. And did you attend DHACA’s most recent meeting on the 17th?

Care Technology Landscape Review: Socitm Advisory for Essex County Council (UK) (A UK study which has international resonance)
‘Ask Alexa’ if you’re sick, says the NHS (But what if Alexa no comprende?)
Another round this Wednesday in the CVS-Aetna merger hearings (We’ll see what happens next in the longest post-merger hearing in healthcare history)
Come and listen to Julian Hitchcock talking regulation next Wednesday 17th July! (It’s past, but keep in touch with DHACA)

A sanguine look at CVS-Aetna’s possible merger denial indicates it may not be all bad. EHRs in the news as another cause of doctor burnout, and Malaysia’s $360M implementation plan. GreatCall’s lawsuit on its mobile PERS–and how not to approach an Editor on said subject. 

A measured look at the uncertainty around the CVS-Aetna merger (A numbers-backed perspective that says an un-merger may not be all bad)
Malaysia to spend over $360M for EHRs over the next five years (Only a few markets left for EHRs in Asia)
EHR system-generated emails/inbasket messages contributing to burnout in 36% of doctors: study (And EHRs were going to fix 21st Century Medicine)
The GreatCall Lively Mobile Plus Federal District Court lawsuit–and TTA (A few thoughts about Doing Right and The Right Approach–and we note that Scott Barnes has withdrawn himself from the class action lawsuit)

The first formal week of summer brings good news for several companies from startups to ‘teenagers’, Best Buy, and vets at suicide risk–and not good news with the shuttering of a recently profiled company and HIMSS’ “strategic” Cleveland exit. 

News roundup: Phreesia’s IPO, Chiptech enters UK telecare market, PatientsLikeMe goes to UHP, Medopad-Tencent UK Parkinson’s pilot, Oxford VR goes to HK, Cigna Singapore’s telehealth intro, HIMSS exiting Cleveland
VA’s REACH Vet uses algorithms and AI to predict critical mental health needs–including suicide risk (Reducing veteran suicide)
SNF emergency telehealth provider Call9 shuts down most operations, after $34M raise (updated) (Sad news, and the dark side of the bubble)
Best Buy enlarges health tech footprint with Tyto Care expansion, connected fitness products (updated) (Best Buy’s multiple digital health efforts keep growing)

The FCC finally gets its Connected Care going, Finland’s hot health tech, teledentistry startups. Spinoffs, events and new CEOs–but is Cisco’s TV telehealth a little too retro even for older adults?

News roundup: The state of Finland’s health tech, American Well-Cisco team for TV consults, Tech for Quality Care in Manchester 9 July
FCC’s $100M Connected Care Pilot Program for rural areas up for July vote
Comings & goings: The TeleDentists go DTC, gains Reis as CEO; University of Warwick spinoff Augmented Insights debuts (UK); a new CEO leads GrandCare Systems

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