Telehealth Bills Advance in Georgia

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article We may
still be barely into the new year, but state legislatures across the country have been occupied –such as when it has to do with telemedicine-related
bills. The most recent state to consider telehealth laws: Georgia, in which the
state Senate last week unanimously passed two bills that, if signed into
law, could significantly expand telehealth clinic in the country. While one
invoice would ease treatment through telemedicine by individuals in other states,
the other would extend reimbursement, officially define”telehealth,” and take
other Actions to make Georgia a telehealth-friendly state.  
first of those two bills, SB 115, would simply allow health care
providers licensed in other states to take care of Georgia-based patients via
telemedicine, although the second of the two, SB 118, would be broader in scope. First, it
could greatly expand the list of eligible originating sites to include homes,
offices, and retail clinics. The newest telehealth definition explicitly includes remote patient
monitoring and phones as viable techniques for delivering health care
providers. Telemedicine’s new definition additionally provides for store-and-forward
technology as legitimate approaches to establish the doctor-patient relationship. Last, SB 118 would provide for compensation for telehealth
services in the exact identical rate of this service for an in-person visit; when the bill
becomes law, it will put Georgia to the very compact collection of countries that currently
require charge parity for telehealth care. Per mHealth Intelligence,”It
would also prohibit annual or lifetime caps on compensation, prevent insurers from
requiring someone to use a connected care system rather than in-person maintenance,
and prevent insurers from excluding telehealth coverage because that
service isn’t also supplied in person.”
These aren’t the very first pieces of telemedicine legislation to create their way through state legislatures
in recent months. For example (as we already mentioned ), in Washington State,
State Senator Randi Becker recently introduced four telehealth-related bills
that concentrate on everything from payment parity to supplier training–and also three of
the four newly received committee hearings. And in Virginia, say lawmakers recently sought to officially specify and expand reimbursement for remote monitoring visits; legislators from New Mexico are thinking about a similar bill that would also eliminate some
restrictions on the practice of telehealth. Stay tuned…
Click here to read the mHealth Intelligence post on Georgia’s newest telemedicine laws.

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