RSM’s Medical apps: mainstreaming innovation with Matt Hancock

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article By the end of this meeting, delegates Will Have the Ability to,
Have an understanding of the current state of the art of medical programs
Encourage clinicians to think about medical programs when Choosing an appropriate intervention
It will analyze the developing role that programs are playing in health care delivery.
Book here – best to book soon also, as currently the RSM has not allocated the greatest lecture theatre on the event so it will almost certainly sell out.
Aid Comprehension of the medicolegal problems around medical app Usage
Join colleagues to hear renowned speakers, including the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, talk about the current and future part apps can play in the NHS and broader healthcare market. We will hear Wendy Clarke, executive manager at NHS Digital talk about the new NHS program. As programs move from concept to pilot to clinic, demonstrating effectiveness becomes increasingly important, so will probably be looking at how we could best assess clinical effectiveness. It’s well recognised that badly designed software can hamper as opposed to enhance healthcare. Matt Edgar Head of layout for NHS Digital will discuss of the value of good design from health care programs, and the way it can improve patient and clinician experience. The usage of cutting edge technology in healthcare necessarily opens new regulatory and legal difficulties. We’re pleased to have our legal counsel, Julian Hitchcock back to share his expertise for this, with a particular focus on the usage of artificial intelligence in healthcare. We will also be examining the significance of interoperability, as health programs become more mainstream, and the way to make this happen. We have some presentations, also, from established and new medical start-ups, showcasing the transformative impacts these new technologies may have.
Have an appreciation of the way to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of health apps. 
This meeting intends to: 
Explain the latest position on regulation and endorsement of Healthcare programs

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