Rite Aid to Now Offer In-Store Telehealth


As we noted in
last week’s newsletter, a South Carolina hospital network recently reached an
agreement with grocery store chain Publix to have telehealth kiosks in Publix
stores and Publix pharmacies within hospitals. Now, it seems increasingly apparent
that this partnership is part of a larger national trend. This past week, as Forbes
first reported, Rite Aid announced that it, too, would be offering
telehealth services in its stores. Along with Rite Aid, three other stores,
Walmart, CVS Health, and Walgreens Boots Alliance, are also offering more
health care services to customers through telehealth technology.

Rite Aid’s new
telehealth services, per Forbes, will be launched through
RediClinic Express, “in partnership with InTouch Health, a leading telehealth
company that offers health care providers solutions to efficiently deliver
virtual care.” RediClinic Express allows patients to speak with clinicians
through two-way audio/visual connection. These interactions will use the same
diagnostic equipment utilized in an in-person medical examination. Here is how
RediClinic Express works for patients: Once the patient has scheduled an
appointment, either online or through some other method, the patient will check
in using a self-service touchscreen at Rite Aid. After the check-in is completed,
a clinical assistant will take the patient’s vitals in a private kiosk and have
the patient fill out a medical questionnaire. Once that is completed, a
clinician is matched with the patient, reviews the medical questionnaire, and
initiates the virtual care visit. From there, the visit operates the same as a
face-to-face visit, with diagnosis, treatment, and prescription, if necessary.
Currently, these services will treat patients with such illnesses as flu,
strep, and urinary complaints, and can also be used for wellness and
preventative visits.

The first set of
these new telehealth services will be rolled out in Pennsylvania, with more to
follow in California. As Rite Aid said in a press release, “Ultimately, the
advanced technology provides an interactive patient experience where patients
are able to see exactly what the clinician is viewing, utilizing diagnostic
equipment and point-of-care testing, helping to increase understanding and
build trust between the patient and provider.”

Click here to read the Forbes article on Rite Aid’s new telehealth services.


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