Maryland Considers a Bill to Expand Telepsychiatry Reimbursement

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article We’re only a couple of months to 2019, but already this season’s legislative session is shaping up for a very telemedicine-friendly one in states throughout the country. The most recent state to think about legislation that would expand coverage within its boundaries: Maryland. Since mHealth Intelligence initially reported, a bill was introduced in the State House of Delegates which could set compensation parity for telepsychiatry services delivered to Maryland Medicaid beneficiaries.

Click here to see the text of H.B. 1200.
Click here to browse the mHealth Intelligence article on Maryland’s telepsychiatry legislation.
state. In Washington State, State Senator Randi Becker lately introduced four
Notes, it is far from the only real telemedicine-related bill currently before the
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Denial of reimbursement based on an individual’s location. Even though H.B. 1200 has
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Licensure Compact and create administrative rules for tele-mental Wellbeing
Maryland House of Delegates or Senate. Other introduced bills would offer for
For beneficiaries’ telepsychiatric visits at exactly the identical speed as in-person visits.
Considering a similar bill that would also get rid of some restrictions on the
1200, introduced by State Rep. Kriselda Valderrama, especially requires coverage
Passed two key bills; while you would facilitate treatment via telemedicine by
Included in the law, the bill specifically prohibits coverage for services
Lawmakers have consumed since the start of the year. Last month, to get
Delivered by audio-only platforms, email, or facsimile. It would also stop the
Reimbursement for remote monitoring visits; legislators in New Mexico are
While policy for both store-and-forward and remote patient tracking solutions is
And at Virginia, say lawmakers recently sought to officially specify and enlarge

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