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I am a registered nurse. I’m a nurse. I am a registered nurse. An imaginative issue solver. A solid leader. A supporter. A critical thinker. A people person. Reputable. A friend. Helper. An instructor. Loving. Area concentrated. A voice for my person. Compassionate. I’m a nurse.

My name is Liz Hutzel-Dunham, and I am a nurse in the Pediatric Primary Care. We see regarding 800 youngsters a week, 200 children a day. Primarily, I do triage nursing and also that’s through telemedicine. Kids call with ailments, like, they have a cough or blockage, there’s something wrong with their eye or they have some sort of breakout or something like that.

I can see them on video and claim, “Mom, I truly think that this is just a chilly,” and also sustain her and the things that she’s done for the youngster and also provide her some recommendations for things that she can do and also after that tell her when to call me back or to come in the facility or to go into the emergency space. She’s not leaving work as well as risking her task. I was just telehealth registered nurse for a couple months and also I function part time, so where there’s just little messing around below as well as there and also a lot of monitoring as well as tweaking as well as we functioned on the verbiage for the patients and also with modern technology as well as points like that, setting it up, and also after that we’ve increased, so I trained another nurse as well as currently we have all of the registered nurses trained in the telehealth division.

We’re so supportive of growth and also development and, just like this, I am “just a center registered nurse” and also I’ve made this program all on my own. We’re traveling throughout and spreading it throughout the organization and also we’re spreading it, really, internationally.

This has become a lot larger than I pictured it was mosting likely to be. We do have the opportunity in the next, perhaps, five to 10 years for me to give up functioning, however I do not think I will certainly quit functioning here at Children’s. I love being a registered nurse and I love the population that we deal with. I like making a difference. I truly do. I like when individuals return. I like when I see people out on the road that resemble, “That’s my registered nurse. There she is. She did this for me.” Like, that just, I have thousands upon countless those experiences currently and also that’s why I would certainly return.

My name is Liz and also I am a nurse.

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