First they came for the fax machines….now NHS is coming for the pagers

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article Bloop, Bleep. Mr. Hancock is quoted widely in both reports. “We have to get the basics right, such as having computers that work and eliminating primitive technologies like pagers and fax machines. Email and mobile phones are far more protected, faster and cheaper way to convey which allow doctors and nurses to spend more time caring for individuals rather than having to work round old kit”
NHS is estimated to use about 10 percent of all pagers being used worldwide. The cost, in accordance with this report in Bloomberg, can be stunning. A single device can cost as much as #400 lbs, which originated as a wonderful surprise to this Editor. Just one UK firm, Capita Plc’s PageOne, even supports pagers. Therefore this ‘War On Pagers’ as Digital Health dubs it, has some rationale. The NHS can keep some pagers for crises, when Wi-Fi fails or when other forms of communication are unavailable, but that is doubtful as PageOne will probably go from their pager business after that.
The 2017 test led to junior doctors conserving 48 minutes per change and nurses 21 minutes on average. The platform  used was Medic Bleep, which integrates text, audio, picture and file sharing on internet, iOS, and Android. 
The NHS has officially announced the phasing out of pagers in hospitals at the end of 2021, with all hospitals necessary to get their infrastructure and plans set up by September 2020. Replacing pagers would be cellular phones, and smartphones along with wellness communication apps, which facilitate two-way communications and coverage.
In america, pagers have largely been replaced by smartphones using advanced communication and file sharing/monitoring except in 1 specialization –psychiatry. Many psychiatrists in private clinic maintain their pagers and answering services as a needed triage between themselves and patients. (Over 55 percent of psychiatrists will also be aged 55+.)

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