Congressional Telehealth Caucus RFI: We Want Your Input!

The leaders of the bipartisan Congressional Telehealth Caucus recently circulated a request for information from telehealth stakeholders, as they are working to develop legislation to introduce in the coming months. They’re looking to expand on some of the successes of the last Congress (for example, the inclusion of provisions of the CONNECT Act in last year’s Bipartisan Budget Act), and are seeking suggestions, case studies, data, and any other relevant information that could guide them in their work.

Per their letter, the Caucus is looking for potential ways

  • “Expand access to telehealth and remote
    monitoring, especially in rural and otherwise underserved communities;
  • “Improve patient outcomes, whether by expanding
    access to specialists or other providers or by easing the day-to-day patient
  • “Encourage easier and expanded use of telehealth
    and remote monitoring technologies, many of which suffer from low uptake rates;
  • “Reduce health care costs for both patients and
    federal programs, including Medicare.”

This is a tremendous opportunity for the telehealth
community. We want your input, ideas, and expertise—particularly since these
are all topics that we’ve focused on at length during CTeL Summits and beyond—for
the memo that the CTeL team is putting together. The deadline to submit ideas
to the Caucus is April 1, which we know
is a short turnaround time. Please fill out this survey as soon as you can;
we’ll compile the suggestions and share with the group before we send our final
memo to the Caucus members.

Thank you, as always, for your input. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to fill out the survey.


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