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The Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children’s offers the latest equipment for connecting pediatric specialists here with patients and colleagues around the world.

We connect medical experts and families within our region.
And we are helping to improve child health around the globe by providing complex medical consultation to our partners in places like the Dominican Republic.

Our video-based telemedicine clinics, video consults, e-visits and remote provider case conferences help us build relationships with physicians and families and speed up delivery of high-quality care.

And even though it may be connecting people who are far away, it feels personal.

This technology is helping us to provide more efficient and effective care for families.

We’re also helping to improve care outside of our hospital walls.

At Cincinnati Children’s, we see telemedicine as an important enhancement of the care we can provide to families, near and far. This is just one more tool we’re using every day to provide better care for every family. For every child. And every future.

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