An Unlikely Place to Find Telehealth

What do grocery stores and hospitals have in common? You
guessed it, telehealth! More specifically, a South Carolina hospital, Beaufort
Memorial Hospital, is teaming up with Publix supermarkets to make telehealth
more accessible to costumers. Beaufort is expanding its BMH Care Anywhere
telehealth platform to Publix walk-in care kiosks in two locations. As mHealth
first reported, “The kiosks will
include a private room with a telemedicine station and connected mHealth
instruments, allowing consumers to connect with a BMH provider for treatment of
a non-emergency medical concern for a flat fee of $59.”

South Carolina’s Beaufort Memorial Hospital is not the first
to make a deal with Publix to bring telehealth kiosks to patients in the
community. Florida-based BayCare Health System, for example, made an
arrangement with Publix in 2017 to place Publix pharmacies in five bay-area hospitals.
In return, Publix put mHealth kiosks in some of its locations. As noted by mHealth
, “In addition, within two years, the health system will open
roughly 25 telehealth clinics
at Publix
supermarkets, allowing visitors to connect remotely with a physician for
non-emergency care.” Furthermore, Flagler Health+, also a Florida-based health
system, has reached a similar agreement with Publix that will also result in
mHealth kiosks and branded pharmacies. It may seem odd for a grocery store to be
expanding its influence into health care. However, for the Publix Vice
President, Fred Ottolino, these partnerships with hospital systems are “about
providing a continuum of convenient medical care.”

In that spirit of providing convenient medical care, the
BHM-Publix partnership goes a step further. Patients being discharged from the
hospital will be able to order prescriptions and have them delivered to their
room before they leave the hospital. This helps to eliminate extra steps, and
ensures patients have the medication they need prior to leaving the hospital.
And as the mantra of telehealth has been, these Publix-health care system
collaborations give patients more options and enhance convenience.

Click here to read the mHealth Intelligence article on the BMH telehealth partnership.


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