A useful White House study released: ‘Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population’

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What’s attractive about this study is that it cuts to the chase in identifying the themes and the analysis leading to the R&D–and a excellent bargain here that’s helpful for developers and health care organizations. Hat trick to Laurie Orlov of Aging In Place Technologies, that this week also released her 2019 Technology Market Overview
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Just published is the 40 webpage Executive Branch report on technology with the potential to better support aging in place. Emerging Technologies to Support an Aging Population was developed from the Task Force on Research and Development for Technology to Support Aging Adults arranged by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).
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The Trump Administration has made finding solutions for an aging population–currently over 15% of the American inhabitants –a study and development (R&D) priority to improve the functional independence and continued security, well-being, and health of elderly Americans, while reducing overall economic costs and the stress on the Nation’s health care infrastructure. The analysis identifies six main functional areas That Are critical to aging adults and which should be addressed by engineering:
Additional to that is cross-cutting topics across at least two of those functional areas.
Every one of these regions are broken down into consideration regions having key functional needs. From each demand, the analysis identifies R&D topics for developing solutions. For instance, a key operational need under the independent living and healthcare is oral hygiene, and a single solution is a developing systems to encourage personalized dental regimens.
Key actions of independent living 

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