Center for Telehealth | Cincinnati Children’s

The Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children’s offers the latest equipment for connecting pediatric specialists here with patients and colleagues around the world.

We connect medical experts and families within … Read the rest

Telehealth Is Good for Doctors, Too

Online brows through allow physicians a lot more control over their schedules as well as don’t compromise patient links.

Three Factors To Be Considered in Patient Psychological Safety

Conventionally, client safety is interested in the prevention of unfavorable occasions that may lead to injury or fatality of clients. The idea of patient safety covers a variety of practices … Read the rest

Care at a Distance

Often the switch to telecare–technology used to help caretakers provide treatment to their patients off-site–is portrayed as either a nightmare scenario or a much needed panacea for all our healthcare … Read the rest


Developments in telepathology are progressing at a great speed. As a consequence, there is a need for a broad overview of the field. This first ever book on telepathology is … Read the rest

Telemedicine: Connecting providers and patients to care at a distance Alex Clark’s baby was diagnosed with heart block, she required a fetal echocardiogram each week– however the nearby fetal cardiologist was 400 miles away. Find out just how the … Read the rest

Telemedicine Overview’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is blazing a trail in establishing telemedicine services to fulfill the demand for pediatric specialized treatment throughout the United States as well as around … Read the rest

CQC Community Living Policies as well as Procedures Which Care Centres Follow

To have a healthy and balanced living situation particular standards need to be followed which is established by Care Quality Commission (CQC). Via area living policies and also treatments an … Read the rest

Sorts Of Mental Health Services

Several times, we talk concerning the importance of drug, specific counseling, family therapy, and, socialization.Those are all of severe value when it comes to mental health however the one solution … Read the rest


Written by international experts from around the globe, i.e., from the USA, Europe, Australasia, and Africa, this book explains technical issues, digital imaging, and collective experiences of practitioners in different … Read the rest

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