The Answer to Scalability and Sustainability?

Since its inception, telehealth has continually grown and
evolved, along with the technology that makes it possible. Along with these
changes, of course, have come debates over things like

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TTA’s Now It’s Summer Week 6: good news for Phreesia, Chiptech, Medopad, VA, PatientsLikeMe, Best Buy; sad news for Call9 and HIMSS



The first formal week of summer brings good news for several companies from startups to ‘teenagers’, Best Buy, and vets at suicide risk–and not good news with Read the rest

These 9 Weighted Squats Are Formulated to Challenge and Sculpt Your Legs and Butt

No hate on air squats, which are effective and useful in a pinch, but after five years of only bodyweight workouts, adding weights to my squats was a game … Read the rest

News roundup: Phreesia’s IPO, Chiptech enters UK telecare market, PatientsLikeMe goes to UHP, Medopad-Tencent UK Parkinson’s pilot, Oxford VR goes to HK, Cigna Singapore’s telehealth intro, HIMSS exiting Cleveland

Patient check-in tablet Phreesia is preparing for an IPO, filing of its S-1 form this week. The number of shares and pricing is not yet announced. Phreesia, which specializes … Read the rest

Best Buy enlarges health tech footprint with Tyto Care expansion, connected fitness products

Best Buy is dramatically increasing its wellness profile with two announcements around digital health. The first is today’s announcement of a further rollout of retailing Tyto Care’s TytoHome device Read the rest

If You're Struggling to Do Push-Ups, You Need to Make This Simple Tweak to Your Hand Position

Push-ups are definitely one of those love-hate exercises, but the feeling of mastering a push-up is amazing; even if your arms are trembling during and after every rep and … Read the rest

SNF emergency telehealth provider Call9 shuts down most operations, after $34M raise

Is it a symptom of a bubble’s downside? In an interview with CNBC, Dr. Timothy Peck, the CEO of Call9, profiled in TTA only a month ago, … Read the rest

I Was Gaining Weight With Intermittent Fasting Until I Started Doing These 4 Things

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (IF) for over two years now, and the main reason I started was for weight loss. About eight months after I started CrossFit, I Read the rest

Miranda Kerr's Night Time Routine Includes a Wi-Fi Button

We all have night time routines and rituals that allow us to leave the day behind, but have you ever wondered how other women, in particular, how a supermodelRead the rest

This Is How Laura Henshaw Stays Motivated In Winter

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