TTA’s Spring Hop: China’s AI health crunching, Babylon Health in Asia and Africa, Tyto Care/Best Buy, ATA, Spry’s COPD wearable, NHSX, more!


Spring Fever continues as we hop like a bunny to Easter and Passover. This week has a distinctly international focus, with Babylon Health and Merck in Africa, a Read the rest

The Best (and Worst) Smoothie Ingredients When You’re Watching Your Sugar

As the weather warms up and our schedules show no signs of slowing down, smoothies are back on the menu as our go-to morning meal. Packed with produce, our … Read the rest

7 Ways to Make Bone Broth (It's Easier Than You Think)

Bone broth started to become trendy back in 2015, and it’s having an even bigger moment now. There are more places and ways to get it than ever … Read the rest

China’s getting set to be the healthcare AI leader–on the backs of sick, rural citizens’ data privacy

Picture this: a mobile rural health clinic arrives at a rural village in Jia County, in China’s Henan province. The clinic staff check the villagers, many of them elderly … Read the rest

Good News for MA Beneficiaries!

For those enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, good news is headed your way. In fall 2018, following the passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act (as we reported at

Read the rest

Tyto Care inks deal with Best Buy for retail sales of remote diagnostic device

Tyto Care’s long-planned retail debut of the TytoHome remote diagnostic device has arrived at Best Buy. The telehealth device which incorporates a camera, stethoscope, otoscope, tongue depressor, basal … Read the rest

Why So Stressed?

Stress is no joke. It’s a chief contributor to many of the
issues people face in their health, relationships, careers, and so on,
eventually leading many to commit suicide.

Read the rest

So Many Changes…

It seems like a new telehealth policy or proposed piece of
legislation is in the news almost daily these days. What’s more, it appears
that the world is quickly

Read the rest

3 Ways to Be Yourself When Everyone Else Seems Cooler

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When I was 16, I bought a pair of jeans that I couldn’t afford.

But I had to have them. … Read the rest

23 Jalapeño Recipes for When Hot Sauce Isn't Enough

Hot sauce is unquestionably a kick-ass condiment, but if you really want to bring the heat, you should think beyond the bottle. Jalapeño peppers not only taste great in … Read the rest

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