An Open and Honest Discussion on Healthy Living Between 2 Aussie Influencers

Before this interview, if anyone had told us that a pair of sneakers could be the key to living well, we’d have called bullsh*t. But after experiencing it for Read the rest

How Carbohydrates and Not Protein Promote Aging

There’s a lot of confusion and misdirection in the area of diet and aging, so let’s see if we can get some of it straightened out. mTOR mTOR is … Read the rest

The Protein Sources That Will Really Help With Your Weight Loss Goals

Protein isn’t just for body builders and athletes and it isn’t something you buy in the vending machine at your local gym. There are a number of health benefits … Read the rest

Digital Technologies for Disease Prevention and Promotion of Wellbeing – RSM, London, 10th June 2019

This event, at the Royal Society of Medicine on 10th June, will explore how technology can be used to help people change their behaviour to look after themselves better, … Read the rest

7 Superfood Recipes That Prove Healthy Food Tastes Better in a Bowl

What is it about food served in a bowl that makes it so appealing? Bowls definitely make it easier to scoop up all the tasty ingredients (and coming from … Read the rest

Owning This One Piece of Exercise Equipment Has Completely Changed the Way I Work Out

At the start of 2017, I was stressed, out of shape, and looking for a way to combat my growing anxiety. Despite knowing that exercise was what my body … Read the rest

Babylon Health’s expansion plans in Asia-Pacific, Africa spotlighted

Mobihealthnews’ interview with Ali Parsa of Babylon Health illuminates what hasn’t been obvious about the company’s global plans, in our recent focus on their dealings with the NHS. For … Read the rest

International news roundup: ATA dispatches, compete for funding in Helsinki, Spry FDA-cleared for COPD, Merck acquires ConnectMed Kenya

There’s not much news so far from the just-wrapped ATA 2019 conference in New Orleans, but POLITICO Morning eHealth highlighted a drop-by by Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, … Read the rest

Win the Trillium II prize and get €1,000!

The Trillium II EU project has just extended the deadline for entries to the Trillium II prize to 15th May, so there’s still plenty of time to enter. The … Read the rest

Yes, Giving Up Drinking Changed My Social Life—but for the Much, Much Better

For a decade, I had a really cushy job with a great salary, company car, and a company credit card, marketing a very hipster brand of beer. But as … Read the rest

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