Seeing an Online Doctor in Singapore

Consulting a reliable and trust-worthy doctor is crucial when it comes to diagnosing your illness in a clinic.

When it comes to seeing an online doctor in Singapore, it is even more important that you see the right doctor. These doctors have to be specially trained to pick up signs and symptoms just by the video consultation since physical examination is virtually impossible (pun intended).

Doctor World is an online telehealth platform, connecting various health-related service providers with patients, wellness seekers and consumers. On their platform, they have many experienced Singapore-licensed medical doctors from Raffles Medical Group and other medical clinics to do the teleconsultation. Doctor World is also participating in the regulatory sandbox by Singapore’s Ministry of Health. So they are highly regulated to ensure that their practice is safe and trustworthy to patients.

So when you see any of the online doctors in Singapore using their platform, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best care possible.

You can keep many of your personal health records in the Doctor World’s app, including drug allergies, medications you are currently taking, past medical history. You can even set pill reminders for your regular medication if you are really that forgetful.

Want to know the possible diagnosis before seeing the online doctor? Use their symptoms checker and get an idea of what may be troubling you.

For frequent globetrotters, there is the essential travel health alerts. You will know what countries to avoid before you leave. Need to know what vaccines to take before your trip? You are covered too.

Hurry up and visit their website to download their app. Available in iOS and Android.

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