May 2019 Yoga Calendar – OPEN

This month, as a community, we focus on the theme of OPEN. The practices on this month’s free calendar are an invitation to open and find space in the heart, mind, and body. And you are invited to join us!

We will explore lengthening through the spine, find release in the hips and back, and open our hearts. Your practice and time on the mat influences your time off the mat. This month, we spend some time looking at the places where we might feel tight, where we might feel narrow minded. And in turn, we welcome ease, space and potential for fresh growth.

Drop in throughout the month or follow along every day. Check out #ywaOPEN and share your experience with the community by using the hashtag too. Invite someone you care about to join you this month.

Get your free downloadable calendar and playlist, plus the rest of the details for the month on the Calendar page here.


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