What Are the Best DNA Kits for Fitness?


Home DNA testing is all the rage these days. But once you discover where your ancestors came from, find your long-lost relatives, and learn every minute detail about your genetic makeup, what then? Which DNA kits are best for fitness? A new breed of DNA and at-home medical tests are out to help you find out. Now you can optimize your exercise regimen, tailor your diet to your body’s nutritional needs, and dial in your workouts. Check out these five at-home test kits designed to maximize fitness.

What a DNA Test Taught Me About Diet and Exercise

Easy and confidential, all of these tests offer far more than just ancestry. Whether it’s learning about your hormones that can affect your fitness routine, testing Omega-3 and cholesterol levels, or just using body’s genetic makeup information to determine what kind of workouts are right for you, an at-home test might be the easiest way to make sure you’re optimizing your diet, exercise, and overall fitness regimen.

The best part is, they’re all super-affordable, and done privately in your own home. Some offer proprietary apps that can aid your workouts and/or diet. Others provide insight into how your genetic makeup affects your overall health, and how to tailor your workout routine to target (or avoid) trouble spots.

5 Cool Things You Can Find Out With a 23andMe DNA Kit

But the science is also clear: You can absolutely improve on the activities you’re not predisposed to. You just have to pinpoint them, focus on them, and practice. Having the knowledge to gear your fitness regimen toward improving your weaknesses is an awesome tool, and definitely one of the most tangible benefits of taking a DNA test.

So take a look these testing services, and start maximizing your fitness routine. There’s no better time to start than right now.


Helix takes a high-tech approach to DNA testing by offering an app that corresponds with your specific DNA test. Once your results are loaded, the My Traits Sport app (currently available only on iOS) can tell you how your genes affect traits like your athletic ability, metabolism, BMI, and more. Get the knowledge and optimize your workouts.

Other Helix tests + apps are geared toward food sensitivity, weight loss, and more.

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Vitagene’s DNA testing kits combine your genes, lifestyle, and goals to create customized nutritional plans. Each DNA test kit results in a personalized report based on science, not trends. With Vitagene, you can either submit a new sample or upload an existing DNA file.

The results from your DNA test are then compiled into an actionable, user-friendly health reports detailing ways you can personalize your nutrition, exercise and supplement plans.

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Let’s Get Checked

Rather than a DNA test, Let’s Get Checked offers a variety of at-home medical tests to if your body has issues that need to be addressed either before or during any fitness regimen. From testosterone levels to kidney function, prostate health, diabetes, cholesterol, iron, and omega levels, and many more.

Get dialed-in, confidential results to help you get on the right path to real fitness and health.

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Let's Get Checked


23andMe does far more than trace your ancestry. It can also uncover congenital health issues that could affect, and help determine, your fitness regimen. Your results can suggest healthy lifestyle activities and habits that will maximize your unique genetic makeup.

If you need to get more exercise, more sleep, or limit the amount of red meat you should eat, a 23andMe Health and Ancestry test will help you manage your personal fitness needs.

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If you’re experiencing fatigue or feeling tired all the time, noticing weight gain or increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, having trouble sleeping, general weakness, or even an abnormally low sex drive, a Men’s Health Test from EverlyWell can help you pinpoint the physical problem that’s preventing you from performing at your best.

This information can also help you speed your athletic recovery.

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