Weeknight Dinners That Are (Honestly) Easier Than Uber Eats


We all have those days when somewhere between leaving the office and getting home, your willpower failed and now you’re hovering over your Uber Eats app like some kind of hungry pigeon.

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to take away every now and again, but when you’ve got more than seven nights worth of dinners saved in your favourites, and your Uber delivery guy starts to know you by name, you know it’s time to start making better choices (for both your waist and your wallet).

So in order to dial down this obsession, we’ve pulled together 10 healthy dinner recipes you can have on rotation that all take less than 30 minutes to make (that’s less than the average order wait time, right?). So now you’ve got no excuse (besides sheer laziness) to make better choices, and save those Uber Eats treats for when it really counts (cheap Thai anyone?).

Scroll for the recipes that will earn you a five-star rating in no-time, and will always be warm on arrival.

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