These Top-Rated Light Therapy Lamps Help Mimic Sunlight

Even though the days are getting longer, the benefits of regular light therapy can and should continue. Light therapy has been clinically proven to improve mood and sleep quality, and also relieve the symptoms of jet lag and work shift adjustment. It’s safe, natural, and effective. Even the Mayo Clinic recommends it. And having a personal, portable therapy light is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reap the benefits of this 21st century life remedy.

What are the best therapy lights? The choices are many. Therapy lights come in all shapes and sizes, so deciding which is the right one for you depends on any number of factors. If you work at a desk, a desktop device can provide a simple, unobtrusive way to get that bit of extra light to put a spring in your step. If you live in a far northern locale where the days are short already, a therapy light can be used to replicate the sun’s summer schedule and keep your internal body clock in check, even as the seasons turn and the days shorten.

Therapy lights come in particularly handy if you’re cooped up in an office all day, with little or no access to the outside world for hours at a time. Some are made specifically for bedroom nightstands, and designed to mimic sunlight. These are great for those who sleep in dark bedrooms with few windows to provide natural light. (If you’ve ever lived in a basement apartment in the city, you know exactly what we’re talking about.)

What Exactly Are Therapy Lights?

Therapy lights are consist of a bank of LED bulbs, often numbering in the hundreds or more. The bulbs are mounted to a flat surface and covered with a diffusing lens. Back in the day, therapy lights were huge, intrusive things that looked as sterile as the environments in which they were used—most often, sleep disorder clinics. Not anymore. As the phenomenon has become more mainstream and companies streamline their products to satisfy various users’ particular needs, light therapy has become a booming business.

Even better, as the technology refines itself, the design aspect has followed suit. Therapy lights these days are more compact and far more stylish than ever. Some are designed to look like normal desk lamps; others are shaped like the sun, have internal alarm clocks, and give off an orange-y glow. Still others are designed to blend into your home decor as an accent piece.

We’ve put together list of awesome therapy lights below. No matter which style catches your eye, why you need light therapy, or where you choose to receive it, there’s no denying the benefits. Place your device above your line of sight, where possible, to maximize the light reaching your eyes. You should be facing the lamp with eyes open, but there’s no need to look directly at the light. Over the first few days, assess the effect and, if necessary, lengthen or shorten the session time based on your response.

Theralite Aura

Therapeutic 10,000 LUX of comfortable glare-free white light with zero UV for optimal bright light therapy. Height and angle are both adjustable. It has four light settings with 168 LED lights for light therapy or task lighting. It’s 23 percent off right now.

GET IT: Pick up the Theralite Aura ($77; was $100) at Amazon


Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus

This ion + light therapy lamp gets a four-star rating from users—and right now it’s over 40 percent off. The 10,000 LUX glow emits a healing 17,000-Kelvin UV-free light and theion air outlet emits negative ions to bestow a calming effect in the immediate area. It’s got a built-in timer as well, that saves energy when you forget to turn it off.

GET IT: Pick up the Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus ($40; was $70) at Walmart


Carex Day-Light Classic

Some claim this lamp provides the best combination of function and affordability in the entire Therapy Light space, and we certainly can’t argue. It’s unobtrusive and looks great on the desk, and includes a safe, glare-free screen as well as flicker-free bulbs and adjustable stand with flexible angle, so you can project light downward, as recommended by health experts.

GET IT: Pick up the Carex Day-Light Classic ($115) at Amazon


Philips goLITE BLU

Blue Light is clinically proven to increase energy levels, mood, and sleep quality, to help you stay sharp. This model claims to be as effective as a 10,000 LUX white light; just 20-30 minutes a day is all you need. It emits zero UV. Dozens of reviewers swear by its effectivesness in improving mood and energy. 

GET IT: Pick up the Philips goLITE BLU ($80) at Walmart


Verilux HappyLight Liberty

Here’s a small, portable option that won’t bust the budget. At 6×7 inches and weighing just 1.5 lbs., it emits 5,000 LUX with moderated UV ouput. And it works—over 1,600 reviewers, and it nets a 4.3-star rating. It comes with a one-year warranty.

GET IT: Pick up the Verilux HappyLight Liberty ($35 with coupon) at Amazon


Aurora LightPad Mini

Its ultra-sleek, ultra-thin design make the Aurora an excellent option. At just 25 inches diameter, it’s portable and easy to travel with, great for home, office, or hotel room. It has a 7-year warranty, adjustable stand, and three levels of 10,000 LUX brightness.

GET IT: Pick up the Aurora Lightpad Mini ($180) at Walmart


Circadian Optics Lumine

Symmetrical, with straight lines and square angles. This versatile, modern design fits home or office. The top-to-bottom panel creates an unembellished aesthetic and emits a uniform, fully diffused light. Features three one-touch adjustable brightness settings and a 5,500K color temperature. Comes ewith a two-year warranty.

GET IT: Pick up the Circadian Optics Lumine ($55) at Amazon


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