These Are the Leggings I Swear By for Long Runs

When it comes to my activewear shopping philosophy, I like to categorise my gear into two different zones. I’ve got the stuff that looks cute and is perfectly suited for running errands, walking with friends or wearing to Pilates, and then I’ve got the gear that’s actually made for performance – if you can call what I do performance . . .

Basically to qualify for admittance into category number two, the items have to be free of zips that jingle, tags and labels that rub and seams that end up rotating 360 degrees. Essentially, anything that’s going to drive me insane when I’m a few kilometers into a run, everything hurts and I’ll take any excuse to call it quits.

Some items are easier than others to make the grade. For example, tops and singlets can readily float between both categories, but finding leggings that actually satisfy the above criteria can prove challenging. And, as many as I’ve tried, when it comes to finding a pair that prove to be comfortable mid-way through a long run, I always end up coming back to Nike’s Pro Training Capris.

The cropped length is perfect to wear on those days I just can’t face a pair of shots, and I can be confident knowing I won’t be that girl who’s hiking up her pants one handed every five minutes. In short, these leggings stay put and feel like a second skin.

Keep reading to shop the two styles I’m currently wearing.

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