Need Some Fitness Inspiration? Take It From Henry Cavill’s ‘Witcher’ Training

Over the years, Henry Cavill has played Superman, an über-spy, and a mythical king. For his next role in The Witcher, Cavill is playing a monster hunter and based on his latest Instagram post, he’s been training hard for it.

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While taking a break from filming the series—and training for it—Cavill posted a photo of some scars on his body from the set (likely part of the design for his character) and in doing so he showed off just how shredded he’s gotten for the role. Just below his scars, Cavill showed off his muscular core and abs for all to see, and they’re impressive.

Both Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Zachary Levi (Shazam!) agreed, as they were among the nearly 900,000 likes and comments on the photo, with each chiming in to cheer Cavil on. “Looking shredded bro,” Momoa wrote, while Levi added: “You look cut, bruh. 😏.”

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As the pic shows, they’re both right:

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If you need some fitness inspiration coming up, take it from Cavill and his many workout-related Instagram posts he’s shared over the years. Cavill has worked hard to get in shape for his past work as Superman, and he detailed some of those workouts for Men’s Journal. If you feel like getting “super” and need some routines to get it done, here’s a look at some of Cavill’s training you can use for yourself:

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