How to Get Keto, and Stay Keto with KetoLogic

If you’ve been trying (or even considering) keto, then you know achieving and staying in ketosis not easy. The diet is strict and the work is hard—but the payoff is immeasurable. The folks at KetoLogic want to help. Check out KetoLogic today, and you’ll uncover everything you need to achieve a ketogenic diet and lifestyle, including delicious recipes, tips and tools to help you reach your goals, and products to help you get there, and stay there.

From MCT Oil to hunger-fighting snacks and shakes to workout plans and personalized coaching, KetoLogic is your destination for all things keto. The KetoLogic 30-day Challenge promises to put you on the path toward ketosis, and with KetoLogic’s killer supplements, recipes, and workout regimens, you can stay there.

Take the 30-Day Challenge

What’s the KetoLogic 30-day Challenge? It’s a four-step process that’s way easier than you think. The first step is to replace one meal per day with KetoMeal, a shake that will keep you full and satiated for hours. And reviewers say it tastes better with almond milk or coffee than it does with water. Next? Eat two low-carb meals a day. That’s a cinch with KetoLogic recipes that provide great-tasting food without all the starches and fillers.


The third step is to drink one serving of KetoLogic BHB per day, building up to two servings after the first week or so. It’s a great tasting and refreshing source of exogenous ketones. Plus, it helps fuel your workouts (especially if you use the caffeinated version) and replenishes electrolytes. Step Four? Just get moving. Start a consistent daily regimen with one of KetoLogic’s fat-burning workouts to maximize all the good stuff that’s happening inside your body.

So follow the KetoLogic 30-day Challenge, and you’ll get to ketosis quick and stay there longer. With a ketogenic diet you’ll feel great and look fantastic. KetoLogic’s 30-day Challenge Bundle has all the tools you need to do it. And order right now, and you can take $20 off the regular price.

Get It: Pick up the KetoLogic 30-day Challenge Bundle ($130, was $150) today.

KetoEnergy BHB with Caffeine

This new caffeinated version of KetoLogic’s most popular product is a great tasting source of exogenous ketones. It can be enjoyed by everyone, but is more effective when used as part of a low-carb/high fat diet. it also happens to be a great source of electrolytes.

Get It: Pick up KetoEnergy BHB with Caffeine ($60; 30 servings) at KetoLogic



MCT Oil is a high-quality source of fat that can enhance your energy level. It’s quickly absorbed and converted into ketones, which can help you achieve or maintain a state of ketosis. People use MCT oil to help suppress appetite, reduce cravings, and stay satiated longer.

Get It: Pick up KetoLogic MCT Oil ($25; 16 oz.) at KetoLogic


Keto Coffee Creamer

Always jumpstart your day with a coffee? Then jumpstart your keto while you’re at it. KetoLogic Coffee Creamer can help fuel your brain and provide steady and satiating energy all day long. French vanilla, mocha, and cramel macchiato flavors are available. 

Get It: Pick up Keto Coffee Creamer ($40 for 30 servings) at KetoLogic



KetoMeal is an easy and convenient ketogenic meal replacement shake that can help support weight loss for those on a low-carb/high-fat ketogenic diet. And it’s not gritty or chalky; it blends easily with water, almond milk, and coffee.

Get It: Pick up a 20-serving bottle of KetoMeal ($70) at KetoLogic




Keto BHB Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones will help reduce cravings, increase energy, and improve mental clarity. BHB can also help fuel your workouts and give you an energy boost. It replenishes your electrolytes, too. Flavors include Patriot Pop, apple-pear, orange-mango, cucumber-lime, and grape.

Get It: Pick up Keto BHB Exogenous Ketones (60 Servings) for $100 at KetoLogic. A 30-serving bottle is also available ($60)


FB24 Fat Loss Supplement

A stimulant-free weight loss supplement that has been clinically shown to enhance fat loss and improve metabolic wellness, FB24 has been shown it can support the body’s natural antioxidant defense system. It contains an all-natural, GRAS-affirmed standardized extract of the Dichrostachys glomerata fruit.

Get It: Pick up FB24 Fat Loss Supplement ($40 for 60 capsules) at KetoLogic


Keto 30 Challenge Bundle

Ready to jumpstart weight loss? Need a convenient way to stay keto? Designed to be used with the KETO 30 Challenge, this bundle of supplements helps you kickstart your keto weight loss journey. It contains two 20-serving bottles of Keto Meal and one 60-serving bottle of Keto BHB. Plus a free shaker bottle!

Get It: Pick up the Keto 30 Challenge Bundle and save $20 today ($130; was $150)


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