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New Hampshire Opening the Door Wider for Telehealth

More great news from the states for telehealth advocates: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu just signed a bill into law that changes what the state’s Medicaid program covers in

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TTA’s Midsummer Week 6: AI and machine learning’s hidden risks and debt, the permanent fail of nursing home telehealth, and CMS’ PFS adds telehealth codes for opioids


It’s hard to believe, but ‘traditional summer’ is starting to wind down. Being contrarian, we consider that AI and machine learning may be doing real damage both in Read the rest

Florida Medical Board to Do Away with Telehealth Guidelines

As we reported earlier this year, Florida recently passed a new bill that brought significant changes to the state’s current telehealth laws—so much so that, as mHealth Intelligence

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CMS’ three new proposed telehealth codes, changes on inclusions, in 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (US)

A little-noticed part of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) annual proposed Physician Fee Schedule rule (Federal Register) for Medicare payments is that CMS on its own, … Read the rest

Are AI’s unknown workings–fed by humans–creating intellectual debt we can’t pay off?

Financial debt shifts control—from borrower to lender, and from future to past. Mounting intellectual debt may shift control, too. A world of knowledge without understanding becomes a world without

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2020 GSK IMPACT/The King’s Fund Awards now open for applications (UK)

The King’s Fund has announced that the GSK IMPACT Awards, which provide funding, training, and development to charitable organizations in health and wellbeing, are now open for 2020 applications. … Read the rest

The Breach Barometer hits a new high for healthcare–and the year isn’t over

31.6 million healthcare breached records can’t be right? But it is, and it’s double all of 2018. Protenus’ Breach Barometer for the first six months of the year tallied … Read the rest

TTA’s Midsummer Week 5: Hackermania runs wild on double summer time, LIVI expands to 1.8 M in UK, Allscripts deals with DOJ, and GSK IMPACT opens for UK charity applications



Summer is really flying by, but the daystopper of the week is the doubling of breached patient records this year. LIVI adds a lot of patients in Read the rest

Medicare Proposes Changes for 2020 Calendar Year

The Centers for
Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
are proposing new rule changes to the Medicare
physician fee schedule for 2020. These changes include updates to payment
policies, payment

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Connecticut’s Department of Social Services to Cover More Telehealth

Not only are potential telehealth-related policy changes coming
at the federal level (see the previous item about the proposed changes to Medicare’s
physician fee schedule), but states throughout the

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