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Connecting at the Right Time and Place

seems that there are new reports practically every day of dangerous, highly
infectious diseases breaking out. And amid these outbreaks, hospitals face a
potential crisis when it comes

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The CVS-Aetna hearing is on the move–finally

The train that is the CVS-Aetna hearing, in the courtroom presided over by Judge Richard Leon of the US District Court for the District of Columbia, is at long Read the rest

TTA’s Summer Kickoff Week Three: digital health’s failure to date to lower health costs, CVS-Aetna’s days in court start



Digital health‘s promise to democratize and commoditize health remains elusive. CVS-Aetna finally has its days–three–in court, and the implications.

Digital health: why is it a luxury Read the rest

Digital health: why is it a luxury good in a world crying for health as a commodity?

Why digital health still struggles to find its stride. Those of us in the healthcare field, especially Grizzled Pioneers, have been wondering for the past decade why Digital Health’s … Read the rest

TTA’s Summer Kickoff Week Two: IBM revives behavioral telecare with LiDAR; embedded emergency response in SNFs saves ER visits, costs



If you’ve missed behavioral and predictive telecare, IBM may be on The Road To Revival with its LiDAR pilot. And Call9 may be just the savings number Read the rest

IBM gives sensor-based in-home behavioral tracking a self-driving car ‘spin’ in the UK with Cera Care

In-home behavioral tracking of older adults, which was a significant portion of telecare circa 2007 up until a few years ago, may be getting a new lease on … Read the rest

Call9 and an ’embedded’ approach to emergency response in nursing homes

Back in March, this Editor noted the substantial $34 million raise over the past three years by Call9. The Brooklyn-based company has pioneered an innovative approach filling … Read the rest

Who’s Seeing the Benefits of Telehealth?

We have all heard it before: telehealth is revolutionizing
health care delivery in rural communities. This statement is more than just an
empty promise, though. Indeed, as a recent

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No Longer the Lone Star in Telemedicine

In early 2017, as we reported at the time, Texas enacted several telehealth-related bills. While those laws, as Senator Dawn Buckingham said, “created a streamlined regulatory system

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New Rule Adopted by CMS

On April 5, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
Services (CMS) finalized changes to Medicare Advantage (MA or Part C) plans by
implementing several provisions from the Bipartisan

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