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TTA’s Week: international news from Verily. Oxford VR, Blue Cedar, Blackberry, NuvoAir, and an Israeli-Finnish partnership; King’s Fund’s Congress less than 1 month away

International digital health news from India, Hong Kong, Finland, and even the US leads our roundup, from Verily, Oxford VR, Blackberry, Blue Cedar, and more. And if you are Read the rest

Telemedicine Possibly Tied to Increased Antibiotic Prescriptions

The important role that antibiotics have come to play in
modern health care is undeniable. But as instances of antibiotic-resistant
infection continue to arise, it has become abundantly clear

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Around for the Long Haul?

“Doctors want to innovate; [p]atients want access.” Such a
simple way to look at today’s health care landscape. As Dr. Allison Suttle, the
chief medical officer at South Dakota’s

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The King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress arrives soon on 22-23 May

Three weeks and counting to The King’s Fund’s Digital Health and Care Congress on 22-23 May in London.

Keynote speakers include Tara Donnelly, Chief Digital Officer of NHS England … Read the rest

Just the Beginning…

States all over the country have been addressing telehealth online
prescribing rules in recent months. Some states have left their rules more
broad, while others have narrowed them to

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Comings and goings: Cuts hit Athenahealth, IBM Watson’s Drug Discovery unit; Bain may sell Waystar RCM

Athenahealth has announced they are trimming 4 percent of their total workforce. With a large 900-person campus in Belfast, Maine that once belonged to MBNA credit cards, and a … Read the rest

It’s About the Journey, Not Just the Results

Across the country, states are joining with their medical
centers to pilot telehealth programs, with the goal of bringing high-quality
care to underserved patients. Particularly notable is the work

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New Telehealth Bill Signed in Arizona

This year continues to be a banner one for telehealth
legislation across the country. Most recently, less than a week ago, as JD
and others reported, Arizona Governor

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TTA’s Spring Week: Theranos’ patent boom, AI shines on radiology, RSM’s June event, Trillium II prize–but it’s autumn for Athenahealth, IBM Watson, and Waystar


It’s really Spring this week. Theranos lives again, courtesy of the Patent Office, while reliving its demise is postponed in court. Machine learning is starting to shine on Read the rest

The Theranos Story, ch. 59: there’s life left in the corporate corpse–patents! And no trial date in sight.

You can get blood out of this. Really! The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded five–count ’em, five!–patents to Theranos in March and April. All of them … Read the rest

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