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Better Late Than Never in Florida

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article This is not a new debate for Florida. Along with also a report in 2016 indicated the state needed to revamp its telehealth position … Read the rest

Stanford Children’s Health Aims to Double Virtual Visits This Year

Curated Telehealth and Telemedicine Article

In 2018,
each the press release, Stanford Children’s Health clinicians needed 1,100 medical maintenance visits, all which were follow-up appointments, together with all patients. … Read the rest

Telemedicine Monitoring – Nebraska Medicine

What is telemedicine? And how can it improve the health of our patients? Diabetes patient Anne Benson explains how a small device that monitors her health from the comfort of … Read the rest

Johns Hopkins Telemedicine: Connecting Patients to Exceptional Virtual Care


Johns Hopkins Telemedicine permits patients to conveniently access health treatment as well as be dealt with from another location by a Johns Hopkins professional utilizing daily modern technologies, such as … Read the rest

I Am a Telehealth Nurse | Cincinnati Children’s

I am a registered nurse. I’m a nurse. I am a registered nurse. An imaginative issue solver. A solid leader. A supporter. A critical thinker. A people person. Reputable. A … Read the rest

Telemedicine—The Answer to Rural Medicine Challenges | Linsey Meyers | TEDxUSD health treatment is subject to continuous political discussion, practitioners dutifully do their tasks to the most effective of their capacity. In her talk, Meyers talks about ingenious means South … Read the rest

How to Build a Successful Telemedicine Program to Build a Successful Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine and Telehealth Services: MinuteClinic Connect™ attach supplies quality telehealth treatment for many typical problems using high-definition video clip as well as remote family members nurse professionals. Experience digital treatment in pick centers just.

This … Read the rest

Telehealth expanding access to care | Irina Gelman | TEDxFMCC technology is being used to assess and address regional needs for healthcare.

With her preliminary medical background in surgery and clinical care, Dr. Gelman completed a Masters Degree in … Read the rest

What is Telehealth?’s time to place today’s modern technology to good usage for our health, the setting and our budget plan. This brief (less than 2 min) video clip reveals you exactly … Read the rest

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