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Steph Claire Smith's Day on a Plate

Aussie model and co-creator of the Keep It Cleaner lifestyle program, Steph Claire Smith‘s Day on a Plate is something we’ve been keen to find out ever … Read the rest

Thinking About Having a Baby? This Is the 1 Workout You Should Be Doing

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Risks of Losing Weight Too Quickly

by Kevin Jones, Guest Contributor It would seemingly be perfect if we could snap our fingers and lose weight, wouldn’t it? After all, weight loss is deemed to be … Read the rest

9 Indie Activewear Brands You Should Know About

There really is nothing that inspires us to work out (or keep working out) more than some fresh new activewear. You know, pieces that feel good, make you … Read the rest

This Approach to Dieting Will Change the Way You Look at Certain Foods

It’s normal for most of us to approach the way we look at food in a very one-dimensional way. Most of us grow up with the knowledge that some … Read the rest

Xanthan Gum Is Probably in Your Sauces and Dressings – This Is What 2 Experts Want You to Know

If you’re an avid label reader, you’ve probably seen xanthan gum on the list of ingredients (like this Trader’s Joe’s Organic Spicy Taco Sauce). It seems to be in … Read the rest

A Quick Rundown on the Drama Surrounding Equinox and SoulCycle

If you’re like any other person who’s actively scrolled through social media in the last 24 hours, it’s likely that you’ve come across the firestorm of tweets surrounding billionaire … Read the rest

Full-Body Strength Exercises Burn Major Fat, So Here Are 12 That Trainers Can't Get Enough Of

Full-body strength-training exercises are key for fat loss – which is why we’ve gathered these 12 trainer-recommended moves to choose from – but why are these exercises so critical? … Read the rest

Conquer Your First Push-Up and Strengthen Your Upper Body With These Easy Expert Tips

We haven’t taken an official poll yet, but we know push-ups are one of the hardest moves to master. They look easy – kind of – but if you’ve … Read the rest

The Running Journey of a Non-Runner: This Is What Finishing a Half-Marathon Feels Like

If you read either of my last two training diaries for Nike’s Go More Get More Challenge, you’ll know I started my running journey earlier this year from … Read the rest

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