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How and Why I Lost 150 Pounds on a Ketogenic Diet

by David Evans Angus Barbieri on the left, and me on the right. What we both had in common was weighing 456 pounds. Angus is the fellow who didn’t … Read the rest

6 Workout Vloggers You Should Be Following on YouTube

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or you’re a fully fledged exercise addict, we all have those days when getting yourself out of the house and … Read the rest

Right and Wrong Ways to Exercise

Health authorities get a few things right about exercise, and a few things wrong, in my not-so-humble opinion. And the opinions of a few critics whom I’ve paid close … Read the rest

9 Nut Milk Recipes That Put the Watered-Down Store-Bought Stuff to Shame

We know: Buying nut milk is so convenient. And it can be relatively inexpensive if you stick to staple brands like Almond Breeze and Whole Foods’ 365. But nothing … Read the rest

The Running Journey of a Non-Runner: Pre-Training Diary

Read the rest

Self-Care Rituals You Can Practice Even If You're Glued to Your Desk

Let’s make one thing clear. We’re not supporting the idea that you should be chained to your desk all day, every day. It’s a no-brainer that there’s nothing healthy … Read the rest

The Best Way to Handle Dramatic People

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No Regrets Greatist Voices

No Regrets Greatist Voices

“Susie, it’s just so stressful!” my friend Marni complained to me at dinner a few weeks ago.

Inwardly, I rolled … Read the rest

Could a Weighted Blanket Ease Your Anxiety?

If you’re a troubled sleeper or naturally anxious, then you’ve probably tried many tactics to help ease stress and ensure you get some solid shut-eye. But if your anxiety … Read the rest

This Is the Biggest Misconception About Ovarian Cancer

With one-in-every 80 women at risk of developing ovarian cancer in their lifetime and around 1500 Australian women diagnosed every year, ovarian cancer is a topic we really should … Read the rest

What to Do If You Don't Get the Avocado Hype

You don’t get avocado on toast, and the thought of avocado in your cake makes you gag, but in a world where people take their avocado really seriously (trust … Read the rest

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