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Insulin Promotes Cancer

Many people, perhaps most, think that cancer is just something that strikes. That there’s little you can do about avoiding it – other than not smoking cigarettes. That is … Read the rest

Here's When You Should Expect to See Results When You Start Pilates

Talk to anyone who does Pilates, and you can almost guarantee they will swear by the practice. And, it’s not surprising, with a holistic approach that not only promises … Read the rest

3 Powerful Rituals to Dramatically Increase Your Confidence

Have you ever looked at individuals in the public eye and wondered where they get all their confidence. I know I have, and lucky for me I have had … Read the rest

A Simple Charcuterie Board That Will Impress Guests Without Stressing You Out

This article is sponsored by Daisy Cottage Cheese.

The easiest way to be a rockstar host? Put out a killer charcuterie plate. It’s the perfect party food: It can … Read the rest

I Lost 130 Pounds—but Discovered That My Weight Wasn’t the Real Problem

When I was heavy, I would stand in front of the mirror constantly. I’d examine every inch of my body and dream about the day I could wear clothes … Read the rest

Single Dose of Rapamycin Induces Weight Loss

I’ve talked to several people who take rapamycin for anti-aging purposes, and they’ve all reported that they lost weight when they started taking it. It appears that even a … Read the rest

So Your Crush Isn't Into You—Here's How to Rise Like the Beautiful Phoenix You Are

Having a “crush” sounds so trivial, but just think about the term for a second: The word crush is used to describe beating, breaking, and trampling—which is exactly how … Read the rest

Metabolic Syndrome: How Food Companies and Health Officials Made Us Sick

Not long ago I wrote an article called “Why Americans Are Fat and Sick”, which attempted to explain why financial and other interests converge on keeping Americans in a … Read the rest

I Quit My Snooze Button, and I Might Be a Different Person Now


Let me preface this by firstly, making it clear that I’m most definitely a night owl by nature. In fact, my family have a running joke where my … Read the rest

10 Ways to Make Your Morning Toast Healthier

There’s no better way to reward yourself for getting up and out of bed in the morning than making yourself a piece (or two) of toast. But if you’re … Read the rest

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