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How Carbohydrates and Not Protein Promote Aging

There’s a lot of confusion and misdirection in the area of diet and aging, so let’s see if we can get some of it straightened out. mTOR mTOR is … Read the rest

The Protein Sources That Will Really Help With Your Weight Loss Goals

Protein isn’t just for body builders and athletes and it isn’t something you buy in the vending machine at your local gym. There are a number of health benefits … Read the rest

7 Superfood Recipes That Prove Healthy Food Tastes Better in a Bowl

What is it about food served in a bowl that makes it so appealing? Bowls definitely make it easier to scoop up all the tasty ingredients (and coming from … Read the rest

Owning This One Piece of Exercise Equipment Has Completely Changed the Way I Work Out

At the start of 2017, I was stressed, out of shape, and looking for a way to combat my growing anxiety. Despite knowing that exercise was what my body … Read the rest

Yes, Giving Up Drinking Changed My Social Life—but for the Much, Much Better

For a decade, I had a really cushy job with a great salary, company car, and a company credit card, marketing a very hipster brand of beer. But as … Read the rest

The Best (and Worst) Smoothie Ingredients When You’re Watching Your Sugar

As the weather warms up and our schedules show no signs of slowing down, smoothies are back on the menu as our go-to morning meal. Packed with produce, our … Read the rest

7 Ways to Make Bone Broth (It's Easier Than You Think)

Bone broth started to become trendy back in 2015, and it’s having an even bigger moment now. There are more places and ways to get it than ever … Read the rest

3 Ways to Be Yourself When Everyone Else Seems Cooler

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When I was 16, I bought a pair of jeans that I couldn’t afford.

But I had to have them. … Read the rest

23 Jalapeño Recipes for When Hot Sauce Isn't Enough

Hot sauce is unquestionably a kick-ass condiment, but if you really want to bring the heat, you should think beyond the bottle. Jalapeño peppers not only taste great in … Read the rest

Want to Poop Better? Of Course You Do—So Start Avoiding These Common Foods

Discussing one’s bowel movements is no longer the sole domain of toddlers, new parents, and seniors in fiber supplement ads. It’s become perfectly acceptable for your friends to offer … Read the rest

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