Seeing an Online Doctor in Singapore

Consulting a reliable and trust-worthy doctor is crucial when it comes to diagnosing your illness in a clinic.

When it comes to seeing an online doctor in Singapore, it is … Read the rest

This Is How Laura Henshaw Stays Motivated In Winter

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We Asked an Expert If Building Muscle Burns Belly Fat – Here's What He Said

There’s no one perfect way to lose belly fat or body fat in general, but making nutritional changes and building muscle can help tremendously. If you’re already thinking about … Read the rest

No Joke, These 15 Desserts Are All Under 175 Calories . . .

In our opinion, our day isn’t complete without dessert, but if we’re trying to lose weight, sweets are some of the first things to go. Well, not anymore. … Read the rest

How to Upgrade Your Bath For #Wellness

We’ve recently come to the conclusion that baths and bath time, in general, are the kind of everyday luxury that shouldn’t be overlooked. However, like most things in … Read the rest

5 Ways to Beat the Bloat According to Lola Berry

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I Spent $85 on a Custom Pillow, and I'm Not Kidding, It Has Changed My Life

For years, getting a restful night of sleep and waking up feeling refreshed has proven to be an elusive feat for me. I have an anxiety disorder and PTSD, … Read the rest

Comings & goings: The TeleDentists go DTC, gains Reis as CEO; University of Warwick spinoff Augmented Insights debuts (UK); a new CEO leads GrandCare Systems

The TeleDentists leap in with a new CEO. A year-old startup, The TeleDentists, has announced it will be going direct-to-consumer with teledentistry consults. This will permit anyone with … Read the rest

FCC’s $100M Connected Care Pilot Program for rural areas up for July vote

Finally, a big boost for rural telehealth comes to the ‘yea or nay’ stage. The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Connected Care Pilot Program, which was approved to proceed last … Read the rest

Endless Daily Squats May Not Build Your Butt – Try This Trainer's 6 Go-To Moves Instead

When you’re trying to build bigger, stronger glute muscles, simple bodyweight exercises like squats get real tempting. You can easily pump out a quick set in your room, at … Read the rest

TTA’s Summer Kickoff Week Five: FCC connects its rural telehealth, Finland’s hot health tech, teledentistry debuts, is TV telehealth too retro for older adults?


The FCC finally gets its Connected Care going, Finland’s hot health tech, teledentistry startups. Spinoffs, events and new CEOs–but is TV telehealth a little too retro even for Read the rest

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