Seeing an Online Doctor in Singapore

Consulting a reliable and trust-worthy doctor is crucial when it comes to diagnosing your illness in a clinic.

When it comes to seeing an online doctor in Singapore, it is … Read the rest

This CrossFit Push-Up Variation Never Fails to Make My Arms and Abs Sore For Days

I’m not the biggest fan of upper-body workouts, i.e. push-ups, but I do know that that I’ve got to do them if I want to have a strong upper … Read the rest

​If You Think Libra's New Campaign Is Just About Blood, You Have Missed the Point

The internet has had a lot of feelings about Libra’s latest campaign, #bloodnormal. The two-part campaign is the first of its kind to show blood – not weird … Read the rest

Florida Medical Board to Do Away with Telehealth Guidelines

As we reported earlier this year, Florida recently passed a new bill that brought significant changes to the state’s current telehealth laws—so much so that, as mHealth Intelligence

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Could Stress Be the Reason You're Not Losing Weight?

Stress is something that we all experience from time-to-time. We might be nervous about a presentation at work, stressed about a deadline we have to met, or feel overwhelmed … Read the rest

Considering IVF? Here Are Some Insider Tips You Might Not Have Considered

If you’ve just started thinking about IVF, you probably have a lot of questions. From how much it costs, to what an Embryologist actually does – this list of … Read the rest

CMS’ three new proposed telehealth codes, changes on inclusions, in 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (US)

A little-noticed part of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) annual proposed Physician Fee Schedule rule (Federal Register) for Medicare payments is that CMS on its own, … Read the rest

Are AI’s unknown workings–fed by humans–creating intellectual debt we can’t pay off?

Financial debt shifts control—from borrower to lender, and from future to past. Mounting intellectual debt may shift control, too. A world of knowledge without understanding becomes a world without

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Building Your Own Ballerina Body Is Easier Than You Think

Welcome to our Gym Finder series, where we aim to tell you everything we know (and you need to know) about the places or programs that make you sweat Read the rest

6 Ways to Prevent Bloating, According to a Clinical Nutritionist

Here’s the truth, bloating is no fun. If you’ve ever suffered from it, you’ll know that it’s incredibly uncomfortable and can even prevent you from going about your day-to-day … Read the rest

Kayla Itsines Reveals 8 Tips For Avoiding Exercise-Related Breakouts

Kayla Itsines opened up about her struggle with acne via Instagram stories on Monday. The influencer shared before and after photos of her skin and revealed the $14 product … Read the rest

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