Seeing an Online Doctor in Singapore

Consulting a reliable and trust-worthy doctor is crucial when it comes to diagnosing your illness in a clinic.

When it comes to seeing an online doctor in Singapore, it is … Read the rest

Can Diet or Exercise Diminish Stomach Cellulite? Doctors and Trainers Have the Answer

In the world of social media filters, Photoshop, and airbrushing, we can forget one very important fact – most women have cellulite. It’s totally normal! Some have it … Read the rest

The Circle that is Telehealth

As telehealth continues to gain in popularity, many have championed it as an answer to the rural health care provider shortage. However, one well-known challenge continually arises: telehealth requires

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‘Ask Alexa’ if you’re sick, says the NHS

The latest in the NHS’ ‘digital first’ effort in the Long Term Plan is to add Amazon Alexa’s voice search capability to the NHS’ online advice service. Using Amazon’s … Read the rest

Coming to a State Near You

Telehealth use is growing throughout the country, and will likely continue to do so as a number of states consider expanding the list of eligible providers to include social

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TTA’s Midsummer Week 1 roundup: care tech review resonates, CVS-Aetna’s next round in court, NHS Asks Alexa, and DHACA’s regulation presentation



A just-published UK survey of the care tech landscape has implications in the worldwide trend of community-based wellness and disease prevention. CVS-Aetna goes another round in Judge Read the rest

I'm a Trainer, and These Are the 4 Fitness Gadgets I Can't Live Without

I’m definitely someone who is willing to try anything (well, almost anything), to optimise my health and performance. I’m not too big on herbs and nootropics, yet, but … Read the rest

Care Technology Landscape Review: Socitm Advisory for Essex County Council (UK)

A independent report on the UK care technology market was released earlier this month which has both UK and international implications. Commissioned by Essex County Council and produced by … Read the rest

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As with any new technology, it takes time to figure out best practices. Mistakes are made. Success is followed by failure, and the cycle repeats. It is all part

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These Are the 9 Simple, Low-Carb Snacks That Dietitians Want You to Eat For Weight Loss

Low-carb diets are great for weight loss and losing belly fat in particular, but sticking to them for every meal and snack is . . . really hard. The … Read the rest

Another round this Wednesday in the CVS-Aetna merger hearings

This time, five states are speaking up loudly. California, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington petitioned the DC Federal District Court’s Judge Richard L. Leon for a hearing on the … Read the rest

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